With good toughness, an excellent ratio between malleability and weldability, low to medium mechanical strength, good heat resistance, fair hardness and low resistance to humidity. This type of steel is suitable for inexpensive parts of structures or machines that do not generally undergo much stress or have low-performance features.

Mainly used in the mechanical, naval and wind fields.

  • s275jr
  • s275j0
  • s275j2+n
  • s355jr
  • s355j0
  • s355j2
  • s355j2+n


Non-alloyed materials whose physical and mechanical characteristics make them particularly suitable for the construction of tanks, fittings or pressure vessels, used in the chemical, petrochemical and oil industry.

  • p265gh / p275nh
  • p355nh
  • a516Gr60
  • a516Gr70


These types of steels and materials are the best compromise between mechanical strength and toughness. The use of quenched and tempered steel is almost mainly directed to mechanical parts that require good impact and vibration resistance (toothed wheels, connecting rods, pins, shafts, levers).
There are many types on the market: only carbon (c45) or with alloy elements in greater or lesser quantities (Ni, Cr, Mo, Mn); usually the carbon percentage varies between 0.21% and 0.60%.

  • c45
  • 42crmo4 (42cd4)


This special type of steel was created to withstand the stress of wear and friction of certain agents, with much higher hardness than normal structural steel; in this way, the finished product that originates from this material has the ability to withstand huge stress, thus reducing any issue related to wear and tear.
Wear-resistant steel is an easy-to-work material, features good bending capacity and weldability.

  • Hardox
  • Hardox 400 (hb400)
  • Hardox 450 (hb450)
  • Hardox 500 (hb500)
  • Brinar
  • Brinar 400
  • Durostata
  • Durostat 400
  • Dillidur
  • Dillidur 400


This special type of steel features excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength and fatigue stress. The specific features of S690QL ALTOSNERVAMENTO (high yield strength) allow significant reductions in the thickness of the sheets with a consequent reduction in weight and cost, combined with high resistance, toughness and good weldability.

  • Weldox
  • Weldox 700
  • s690
  • s690ql
  • s690ql1
  • Domex
  • Domex 700
  • Aldur
  • Aldur 700
  • Dillimax
  • Dillimax 690
  • s890
  • s890ql
  • s900